Imported directly from Italy, where it was squeezed from the legendary Glera grape, (made famous by Prosecco of course!) our Posh3Co comes in a variety of sizes to suit every situation and venue.

We not only supply the Posh3Co but also install the tap system in Bars, Pubs, Hotels and Restaurants. The elegant fonts are fitted by our engineering team and the system that we use is ‘plug and play’, no need for modifications.

As an environmentally conscience company we realise the importance of cutting down on, and eventually totally cutting out, potentially harmful materials.

One 30l keg holds the equivalent of 40 bottles of Prosecco.

40 bottles of Prosecco take up more than 5 times the storage space of 1 keg.

40 bottles of Prosecco have to be carried, opened, poured and disposed of by busy staff….1 keg.

Posh3Co White:

Light straw yellow colour with fine perlage. A fruity wine, slightly aromatic with aromas of honey, flowers and wild apple. Excellent aperitif wine, it goes well with appetizers, delicate courses and fish.

Posh3Co Rose:

Rich, lively pink colour with an elegant, fruity aroma with hints of wild strawberries. It goes particularly well with soft cheeses, salami and fish. Also very good as an aperitif and between meals.

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